Why do we exist?

We love small businesses. They deliver some of the best products and services in the world. We created Buildawow to help small business owners deliver WOW experiences online.


In today's world, EVERY business should have a website. It can be a simple static website, or a fully customized web application. We'll help you figure out the right website to build for your business.


Few things are more important than getting to know your customers. We help you track and measure important metrics for your business, to help you make more informed decisions over time.

Online payments

If you're interested in selling online, we help you set up the right e-commerce and payment processing tools for your customer needs and country limitations.

Our mission is to help small business owners succeed and thrive online

Most small business owners started their business out of a deep passion towards a product or service, and a commitment to serving their customers well. We want to see these people succeed online, by helping them execute the basics of a digital strategy effectively. In short, we want them to continue delivering a WOW customer experience via online channels.

Software writing is our craft

We're an intentionally small team of software writers who are passionate about helping other small businesses use the latest and greatest technology tools available. For software related tasks, we're the right team for you. We stay away from most things outside of that :)

We're committed to helping you grow your sales online

We want our business to grow only if our services help you increase your sales online. Because of this, we don't offer expensive solutions with large up-front costs. We offer a simple and affordable monthly payment that you can cancel anytime if you determine that we didn't help increase your sales and customer satisfaction online. Exact pricing will depend on your specific business needs. Contact us below for a quote.

Let's make something great together

Send us a super-quick form with your information to schedule a free consultation.